SoftProg programming utility for Access IS programmable keyboards

SoftProg keyboard programming utility

The Access IS developed SoftProg utility, for 32-bit operating systems only, enables the rapid definition and configuration of the settings for Access programmable keyboards and keypads, including key programming, key colours and legends, and designing the keyboard layout to allow for the use of dual and quad keys.


Once designed, the keyboard settings are stored in a .SPF format file and can be downloaded to the keyboard's non-volatile memory via SoftProg.


Once a keypad has been configured it retains the settings; no special software or drivers are needed on the end user's PC for the keyboard to function.


SoftProg files can be created by the end-user or, more commonly, by Access staff. SPF files can be sent between users and Access staff to enhance or prove programming design.


Keyboards are typically programmed as the final stage immediately before a full functional test in production. Keyboards can be programmed and reprogrammed an unlimited number of times, even after deployment to customers.


SoftProg enables the following keypad configuration:


  • Assign programming to any key
  • Redefine the key layout with multiple space keys and blanking tiles
  • Define key legends
  • Define momentary and toggle layer shift keys
  • Assign the LEDs to any function
  • Enable or disable auto repeat
  • Disable Control + Alt + Delete key combination
  • Set the default Caps Lock and Num Lock states
  • Define MSR operation (where fitted)


To obtain a copy of SoftProg please email