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Access-IS has been trusted to deliver reliable, robust and intuitive devices to critical airport operations, such as passenger boarding, for over two decades. From simple, face up and face down readers to the latest products capable of reading and imaging ePassports, Access-IS has a solution for every application.

As passenger numbers have increased, the drive towards automation has accelerated. The answer for aircraft boarding is self-boarding gates, that can be installed more densely with sparse employee cover, allowing airports to deliver more capacity from the same physical space whilst providing a greatly enhanced passenger experience. 


Self-boarding gate at an airport


Faster Boarding… Lower Costs… Improved Passenger Experience!

Access-IS offers a range of boarding gate readers, from a simple, low-cost, barcode-only devices to advanced readers capable of reading barcoded boarding passes from paper, smart phones and tablets, as well as  NFC/RFID reading from any enabled smart device or card.

Access-IS’ latest BGRs feature large graphical displays, form factors to suit any application and designs that even cater for the trend towards smart watches. These features all combine to deliver a truly intuitive passenger experience that speeds up the boarding process, saving time and cost.

Products like the BGR750, that can be integrated into gates, kiosks and desktops, provide airports and airlines with future-proof capability by offering ePassport reading at the gate and capability, where permissible, to collect an image of the data page for passenger records.




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